Tokenizing Dreams, Building Realities: Your Key to Real Estate Revolution!

Profina is a groundbreaking venture, combining "Property Finance" into a revolutionary approach for real estate transactions. Don't miss out this chance to participate in the PFT presale and become a stakeholder in the future of real estate.


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About Us

Profina : Where Dreams Find a Blueprint

Profina, an amalgamation of "Property Finance," defines a novel paradigm in real estate dealings. Its essence lies in simplifying transactions and bringing a fresh perspective to the intersection of property and finance.

Profina strives to redefine how we engage with real estate. The core objectives encompass facilitating cross-border transactions seamlessly and leveraging the power of blockchain and smart contracts. The aim is to make property transactions as user-friendly as possible.

How to Buy

Step 1: Connect Your Wallet

Switch to BNB network and press the connect button to choose one of the many supported wallets to connect to the website

Step 2: Buy with BNB & USDT

You use either use BNB or USDT to purchase Profina tokens from this presale

Step 3: Claim Your Tokens

When the pre-sale has been completed, You will be able to claim your tokens using the claim button.

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Claim Your Profina Tokens

Tokens can be claimed at the end of the presale


You may have questions, we have the answers.

What is Profina TOKEN?

Profina Token is a trailblazers in digital asset management, we dedicate ourselves to providing you with sophisticated tools that transcend traditional boundaries. Our mission is to empower investors by combining innovation with user-friendly solutions, ushering in a new era of strategic and seamless crypto experiences. Join Profina Token – your gateway to unlocking the full potential of your crypto investments.

How do I claim my Tokens

Once the presale ends, you just need to connect your wallet and press the claim button. Once the transaction is complete, import the Profina token address into your wallet and you'll be able to see your tokens.

Which Blockchain network is Profina token on

Profina is built on the Binance Mainnet (BNB), leveraging its speed, usability and compatibility with decentralized applications to create a seamless user experience.

How do I purchase Profina token from Presale

All you need to do is connect your wallet and enter the amount of BNB or USDT you want to buy the tokens for and press the buy button. At a time, you can buy tokens for 0.02 BNB to 6.5 BNB and 50 USDT to 15000 USDT at a time and will be able to claim your tokens once the presale is over.

How Can I Store and Manage My Profina Tokens?

Profina tokens can be stored and managed in compatible cryptocurrency wallets. We recommend using wallets that support BNB network, such as MetaMask or Trust Wallet.

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